Dogs & Cats — We give "breed appropriate" care

With vaccination protocols changing, we defer to your vet for his/her protocol on your pet's individual needs and rabies vaccine, as required by law.


Checkout time is 12.00 Noon
Checkout time is waived if pet is groomed on day going home


$26 per calendar day

$28 per calendar day

$30 per calendar day

$31 per calendar day

Upgrade to a Luxury Suite for additional $25-30/day

$3.50 Kong Treat — appropriately sized kong stuffed with peanut butter and cream cheese
$3.50 Ice Cream Social — Yopup - probiotic packed yogurt cup - Pumpkin & bason, Apple & Cheddar or Banana & Peanut Butter
$9.00 Happy Camper Packagewhich combines a Playtime ($6.00) & one of the Treats (Kong or Ice Cream - $3.50) for a discounted price.  Pet goes out for playtime and returns to his treat.


$18 per calendar day


$15 per day


Your dog will board in a small family group of 25-30 dogs IN HIS OWN INDIVIDUAL HOME!  Only dogs from the same family will be boarded at play 01together, if requested.  Having multiple boarding sections allows us to place your pet with appropriate neighbors.  We use only Kuranda® beds in our facility for your pets comfort.  All of our indoor climate-controlled runs each have their own priviate exercisxe yard area.  This keeps the ambient noise to a minimum and cancels the "warehouse" effect of all dogs in one big space.  Each campus has its own central air conditioning, minimizing cross-contiminations of airborne viruses.

Our kitty condo facility is away from the dogs.  No dog noises or smells to upset the little ones.  Designed to be alike a home away from home with comfortable bedding to curl up in and nap.