Caution in the Warm Weather
Clear Lake Kennels

heat waveWe have warmed up in Texas and there's no relief in sight!   If you are traveling with your pet, remember, if it’s just 85 degrees outside, it takes only about 10 minutes for a car’s internal temperature to rise to 104 degrees. After 20 minutes, the temperature hits 114 degrees, and it only gets hotter from there. After just 15 minutes in a hot car on a warm day, a dog can suffer brain damage or heat stroke. The hotter the day, the less time it takes for the result of leaving a dog in a hot car to turn fatal.

Cracking your window a smidge or parking in the shade won’t help as much as you think it would. SIMPLY PUT, if you bring your pet with you on a road trip, DO NOT leave them alone in the car for any period of time. Make sure that they always have plenty of water and that your vehicle is adequately air-conditioned, and be aware of the signs of heatstroke, which include lethargy, heavy panting, excessive thirst, and vomiting.  If you just bring your pet with you because "its a nice day" rethink that and leave them at home where they are safe.

If you want to make sure your pet is in safe hands while you are either at work or away from home, you could use our DAYCARE option at the kennels, where your pet will be observed and entertained while you are not there.  Check us out!